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21. Waiting for a Reply

Christian thoughts from everyday life in and around the three cities.


The growing number of Internet cafes in our city reflect a great desire for knowledge and communication. Email addresses and mobile phone numbers are shared with friends because all of us love people to be in direct contact with us. Friends from my church who have moved away to work elsewhere have recently sent electronic letters here to us in Sudan. We've heard from Russia, Malaysia, Ghana, Northern Ireland, Malawi, Germany, Austria and the USA.

Receiving such communication brings with it the responsibility of answering it! When your phone rings or if someone knocks at your gate, you have to respond, or else the communication stops.

Around Easter time Christians remember especially that God has spoken to the people of the world by his son, Jesus. Jesus radiates God's glory and represents God's being to us in a way we can begin to understand.

The resurrection of Jesus, after his verified Roman execution, speaks of the forever living God. This God wants all people to share eternal life with him. Human rebellion against God disqualifies a person from entry into heaven. Jesus' death has made a reconciliation with God possible.

If God phoned you particularly, would you answer? If God emailed you would you use your mouse to click 'reply'? Since God has spoken to you by his son Jesus, what reply have you said back to him?

When doubting Thomas met the risen Jesus he said: "You are my Lord and my God". Jesus ended that conversation with a wonderful promise you and I can both claim. "Blessed by God are those who have not seen Jesus' resurrection physically, but have still believed it".

Happy Easter!


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