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Uprooted, but welcomed

Cross thoughts: Christian ideas seen in Sudanese every day life.

“The LORD will fulfil his purpose for me” Psalm 138:8.

In 2003, when I was unexpectedly uprooted from Sudan and transplanted (by God) back into English soil, Brenda and I were very puzzled.

1. Both of us were made generously welcome by believers at our home church, Redruth Baptist, and others. Redruth is in the deep south-­west of Cornwall, some 300 miles from London.

2. The worship had moved on a bit. We had several new songs to learn from the four years we were away in Africa. Brenda helps a local Methodist church by playing their piano for the weekly service.

Following cancer of the voice-­‐box operation in 2006 I have very little voice – and being slow to breathe– I cannot join in singing anyway, whether it is musically good or not-so-­good!

3. I am just beginning to minister God’s word again. Our church asked if we would co-­host a fortnightly home group in our own home. We presently squeeze in up to sixteen people every other Thursday morning! We spill over between dining room, sun-­lounge and kitchen!

4. Hot drinks are always on hand. In Sudan water was essential to refresh people. In Cornwall it is usually tea, coffee or hot chocolate.

When you are uprooted, quickly find a welcome where you can worship God, sitting under HIS word for spiritual refreshment. And always be ready to help others with your welcome to them.


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