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The river Nile

Cross thought: Christian ideas seen in every day Sudanese life.

The River Nile flows relentlessly through Khartoum. Its water level rises or falls, following rains away in distant places like Ethiopia and Uganda, as well as Eastern and Southern Sudan.

  • It is true that the effects of events very far away can be seen and felt by people who live today alongside the river shores.

  • It is also true the Nile is used for generating electricity and for watering crops in the fertile silt soil.

Most people do not understand “how”, but they are very pleased “it works”. It is accepted that processes people do not understand and events that happen a far, long way away change their lives!

Almost 2,000 years ago our Lord Jesus Christ died on a cross just outside Jerusalem. It is a long time ago. And it is hard to understand everything God achieved in this death. Yet there is no doubt that the difference it makes to people’s lives today can be seen and personally experienced.

  • We preach Christ crucified:

a stumbling block to the Jews and foolishness to the Gentiles,

but to those whom God has called, …

  • Christ the power of God and Christ the wisdom of God” 1 Corinthians 1:23-24.

May 2007.


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