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The Bible's Big Story

For children, young people and their teachers: 25 lesson plans to teach and learn.

The Bible’s

Big Story.

A course of 25 lesson plans.

A ‘miming with actions’ summary

to teach and learn by words and actions.

Answers for the ‘Stop and discuss’ sections,

Are found at the end of each lesson.


Written by PastorColin Salter Edited by Ruth Wall

Illustrated by Jenny Nightingale

Photo ‘School under the Tree’ by Jimmy Cox

Course reference books:

The Good News Bible: UnitedBible Societies, 1994

MacMillan School Dictionary: Oxford 2004.


A summary of The Bible’s Big Story learned by words and actions:

Page number: 3

Lesson Plans:

1. God is – Genesis 6

2. God creates – Adam and Eve 9

3. Mankind rebels 12

4. God judges by flood – Noah 15

5. God scatters all the people– Babylon 18

6. God calls his chosen person – Abraham 21

7. This special family move into Egypt– Joseph 23

8. God brings them out of captivity, after the Passover– Exodus and Moses 26

9. God gives the Law 30

10. Disobedience results in aimless wanderings 33

11. Entering the promised land – Joshua 36

12. Ups and downs under the leadership of Judges 40

13. A king is appointed – Samuel and Saul 44

14. The best times for Israel – David and Solomon 49

15. The prophets speak for God 53

16. The kingdom divided: the prophets continue but the people do not listen 57

17. Exiled into Babylon 61

18. After many years going back home – Ezra and Nehemiah 65

(Silence: no lesson)

19. The birth of Jesus Christ – the Gospels 70

20. Jesus’ life and teaching 74

21. Jesus’ death and resurrection 79

22. The Christian church in Jerusalem – Acts and Peter 84

23. Persecution and the problems of growing – Paul 88

24. Spreading out to all peoples everywhere 92

25. God brings everything to its climax– John in Revelation 98






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