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Overview - Contents, Maps, Timeline and How to Use this Study

by Mama Brenda.

A New Testament overview

with lessons from people in those times

Please note:

Ideally every lady participant needs her own book. If this is not possible please feel free to copy notes for your ladies. You will need to copy the right side (numbered) pages for each lesson, plus the index page, the Bible library page, the map pages and the timeline page to go with the first lesson.

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Where Jesus walked

and where, later, Peter and Philip walked

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Find where Paul travelled

- First and Second Missionary Journeys

You may want to draw in the route

Find where Paul travelled

- Third Missionary Journey and to Rome

You may want to draw in the route

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Timeline 33B.C. – 306A.D.

Throughout this period the major power was Rome, using Latin and Greek languages.

Date Christian history Bible books

33 B.C. Emperor Augustus in Rome

7-6 B.C. Rome begins to govern Israel

6-5 B.C. Jesus is born in Bethlehem

Holy Family goto Egypt

4 A.D. Herod the Great dies and the

Holy Family return to Nazareth

26-27 Jesus starts his public ministry

30 Jesus crucified, risen and ascended


46-47 Paul’s first missionary journey

49 Council of Jerusalem James

50-52 Paul’s second missionary journey Galatians

54 1 and 2 Thessalonians

53-57 Paul’s third missionary journey date: 55 1 and 2 Corinthians

50-55 Gospel of Mark

55-60 Gospel of Matthew

57 Romans

59-62 Paul house arrest Rome 59-63 Gospel of Luke

61 Ephesians, Colossians,

Philemon, Philippians

62-63 Paul released 63-65 Titus, 1 Timothy

62-64 1 Peter

63 Acts by Luke

65-67 Paul in prison cell 2 Timothy

67-68 Peter and Paul executed Rome 2 Peter

pre 70 Hebrews

70 Jewish rebellion ends - destruction of the

Temple in Jerusalem. Centre of Christianity

moves to Antioch, Alexandria and Rome. 68-80 Jude

85 Gospel of John

85-95 1,2,3 John

90-95 John exiled to Patmos from Ephesus Revelation

306 A.D. Emperor Constantine converted, makes

Christianity the state religion of the Roman Empire.

Note : There were different systems for lengths of years and counting years through early history. When learned men came together to simplify things they managed to have Jesus born in the ‘Before Christ’ era ! Hence the dates above.

Dates of this age need to be treated approximately not dogmatically.

How to use this study guide.

I want you to understand how this book came to be, and the reasoning behind it.

Three major influences:

1. This set of statistics. We remember:

10% of what we read

20% of what we see

30% of what we hear

50% of what we see and hear

70% of what we collaborate on

80% of what we are involved in doing

2. I did a course to teach TESOL English - a method using involvement and fun!

3. The experience of teaching Bible classes with ladies who did not want just an ‘I

speak and you listen’ environment.

So - the studies in the last 10 years with Fusion - the name for our ladies’ group - have involved teaching from me, finding facts and discussing scripture in small groups within a larger group context, having notes to keep and write on, and having homework - usually reading the Bible ahead for the next study. Always remember your Bible!

No two sessions will be the same in structure - they will depend on the subject.

Work sheets (the numbered pages on the right side) sometimes have the answers to what the ladies have been discussing - so keep those sheets yourself until after they have shared what they have found!! Sometimes you may need to give the notes out at the beginning, and gently encourage whole group answers and discussion. Always consult your Bible!

As you prepare think of questions that may be asked - my notes may help. You will also have some cultural answers. If you do not have the answer to a question raised, say so. Say you will research the answer and tell the group next time. Keep the promise!!

It is important to encourage the quieter members of the group to take part. Breaking into smaller groups for discussion can be helpful here. Be gentle how you reject an obviously wrong answer. Encourage the ladies to have paper and pencil with them.

These studies have assumed that the ladies read and write, have access to a Bible they can understand, and that it is possible to print sheets for them, lesson by lesson (if they do not have their own book). This may not be the situation where you are. Be creative. You may need to have some Bible passages read to the ladies by others. You may need to translate as you go, or even translate notes beforehand! Understand the aim of the lesson and get there, not as a dictator but as a gentle friend, in the best way for your group. Use the material and adapt the method. The ladies who work orally only may well have better memories than the rest of us!

You may decide to make some lessons take two sessions or more. You are in charge.

Enjoy studying together. Enjoy learning more about God.

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