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My life (put) alongside God's word

Seven authors from Sudan/South Sudan and Colin Salter where not attributed.

Section 1: The Lord Jesus Christ

1. Living in partnership with our Lord Jesus

2. Our suffering Saviour

3. Why did our Lord Jesus die?

Section 2: The Christian disciple

4. Grace and truth in the Christian life

5. My balanced world – always in it, but of it no more

6. Living worthy of the name of Jesus

7. Obedience and disobedience

8. The Great Commission: a call for Christians to “Go!”

Section 3: Suffering and response

9. Life is full of disappointment

10. A Christian’s response to persecution

11. Physical, psychological and emotional suffering

12. Learning from failure

13. The power of weakness

14. Accepting trouble from the hand of God?

Section 4: Islam

15. The Challenge of Islam – a Christian Perspective

16. The Challenge of Islam in Sudan and South Sudan – a Christian


Section 5: National development issues

17. Blueprint for the Republic of South Sudan – a proposed solution

for governing the country, a basis for nation building

18. The “Lee” principle of development & its relevance to South


19. The importance of peace in a nation: a biblical viewpoint

20. Corruption: Its causes, costs, and combatting it, plus the

Christian stand against it

21. Reconstruction needs team players like Nehemiah

Section 6: Protecting peace

22. Biblical approach in the settlement of conflicts and


23. In society’s problems closed wounds may become infected, like

injuries to our human bodies

24. Beware the Roots of Bitterness

25. See people, love and forgive

26. Overcome evil with good

27. God said, “Peace on earth”, so why do we have so much war?

And, should we fight wars anyway?

Section 7: Important issues for Christians to understand

28. Cults and occult – the devil’s kingdom in the church

29. Picking true prophets from false

30. How to tell between true and false Christian prophets and


31. Proper use of Old Testament Scriptures – use and application


Section 8: Letting the future affect today

32. God sent His angels with the message of Christmas

33. Every Christian has hope for the future

34. Christian hope is greater than you think

35. Heaven is every Christian’s true home

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