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My Life Alongside God's Word volume 3

written by Colin Salter unless indicated otherwise.


Bible characters

1. Hezekiah - a young man who tried to please God

2. Zephaniah reveals the terrifying and terrific God

3. The impact our Lord Jesus Christ had on Peter

Christian leadership

4. Foundations for Christian leadership - Mufid Farid

5. Good leadership - Elisama Daniel

6.Building an effective visionary generation -

George Tabaan

7. Women next to leadership - Mama Brenda Salter

Christian leader's own Christian life

8. The pastor's own Christian life - Israel Adeldong

Daily Christian discipleship

9. How Christians should give to the Lord

10. Giving secretly to the poor and needy

11. Responding to those who treat you badly

12. Look for God in your situation

13.The challenges of walking as a disciple of our Lord Jesus Christ

14. Christians do work as their worship

15. Always some anniversary time

16. Giving true respect to Mum and Dad

Everybody living happily together

17. Celebrating South Sudan's tribal diversity - Manase Woja Alfred

18. Thanksgiving to God - Simon Kuengbuny Pal

19. God knows the future and keeps His promises - Joseph Noel Sati


20. Intercessory prayer - George Tabaan

21. Giving joyful thanks to God, no matter what is happening

22. When God's answer is not what you wanted

23. Who knows you are fasting?

Theology of the Lord Jesus and our salvation

24. Jesus - the God Who lived among us

25. The only One innocent suffered in substitution for all of us who were guilty

26. The damnation of God by God

27. An invitation to enjoy the Kingdom of God

Twenty-first century issues

28. Life without ethics: the root cause of Sudanese folk's suffering and

miserable situation - Matta Mubarak D. Komi

29. Land grabbing, old and new - Alex Bolek Abuk

30. A sleepless politician and his old files - Alex Bolek Abuk

31. Consequences of climate change for sub-Saharan Africa - Anthony Poggo

32. Media: keeping your mind pure - Anthony Poggo

33. Time management - Anthony Poggo

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