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Focus on the cross

Cross thoughts: Christian ideas seen in Sudanese every day life.

I was sitting in church just before Christmas quietly reading the suggested prayer in our Order of Service.

I have adapted it below.

Christians in Sudan and elsewhere use the symbol of the cross to remind themselves of our central belief.

The pictures opposite, from the Presbyterians, the Anglicans, the Copts and the Evangelicals, around Khartoum…

…all show the cross.

“Almighty God, in 2012

(indeed every year ahead)

grant your people

to love what you command,

to desire what you promise,

so that,

among the many and various

changes of our

family, country & world,

our hearts will always

be fixed where

true joy is to be found,

in and through

Jesus Christ our Lord,


January 2012.


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