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Eating with God

Cross thoughts: Christian ideas seen in Sudanese every day life.

Eating together has always been a sign of friendship between people. Foule and bread at fatur, shared from a single dish in Sudan, have been enjoyed in Khartoum across tribal, cultural, economic, religious and other boundaries.

Since we Christians claim to be God’s friends it is reasonable to ask two things:

1. “When did we last share a meal for Jesus Christ?”

2. “When did we last eat a meal with Him?

Let’s agree this has nothing to do with the kind of food we are eating. On my travels in Sudan I have enjoyed a variety of foods from locusts to um ali, from injerra and wads, to goat stew with kisera, pigeons and perhaps some aseeda, with karkedeh to finish with. I must be honest and say I prefer some food to others, but I am grateful to have anything to eat, being aware of so many starving people.

Just last week I was directly in touch with suffering people,

most without enough to eat, living in a Sudanese mountain region. Starvation still goes on today. Sadly it is largely man–made of course. I was blessed in knowing that immediately a little money was shared with these folk to buy relief supplies. Often I am aware that this happens without regard for tribal, cultural, religious or other boundaries. People around where I live in England help others through my friends in Sudan, because they want to express the love Jesus Christ has for everybody.

1. When did you last share a meal for Jesus Christ and His Kingdom?

Perhaps the reason Christians do not always share with others as they should is because they do not eat their own meals often enough with God? It is always good to begin meals with prayed thanksgiving to God. Then, as food is eaten, whether men in one room and women with children in another, or whatever your customs dictate, think about those God would have you reach out to using the simple tools of a little food and drink.

Plan to reach someone this week.

2. When did you last have a meal with God uppermost in your thoughts?

Remember, people askedJesus’ disciples:

“Why does your teacher eat with tax collectors and ‘sinners’?”, Matthew 9:11.

November 2012.


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