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Drums carry a message

Cross thoughts: Christian ideas seen in Sudanese every day life.

God sent His angels with

the message of Christmas.

In the past we may have used drums to beat the rhythm so communicating what we wanted to say. Today we are more likely to use mobile phones! The medium is not half as important as the message. So what does God say?

Miraculously, the virgin Mary was “with child”. An angel of the Lord urged Joseph, “take Mary home as your wife …. She will give birth to a Son, and you are to give Him the name Jesus (Joshua/the Lord saves), because He will save his people from their sins”.

Matthew 1:20-21.

From these words please notice with me:

  1. The purpose of the Lord Jesus – to safely deliver His people from the catastrophic results of rebellion against God. Surely this is what every person wants? We need Someone else to help. We cannot do this ourselves, however good we try to be. There is no way we can balance the books. This is the “why?” of the Christmas message.

  2. The promise of God through the angel – salvation is definite, it will happen, there is no doubting it. The pre-existent God the Son became a human being, so He had a flesh and blood body with which to ransom believing humanity from God’s wrath. Jesus’ birth led to His death. This is the “how?” of the Christmas message.

  3. The “people” mentioned in the messageonly the people of the Lord Jesus Christ will be saved. The Christian message is an exclusive message. Yet, at the same time, it is also inclusive.

You can be included, as soon as you do three things:

  • own up to being a sinner before the holy, Creator, God

  • ask for mercy from God who planned all of this for you

  • trust yourself completely to the Saviour, who loves you with an everlasting, deep and true love.

This is the “who?” of the Christmas message.

The Advent or Christmas season is a great time for anyone to take this decisive step. May I ask you to do it now? It may lead you into hard times. It did for Joseph, Mary and the baby Jesus, Matthew 2:13-23. But remember, eternal salvation in the life beyond this one, is far too good to throw away. When God offers you something, (and He does) you should take it.

Receive from God now the believing faith that only He can give.

And you will be saved.

December 2013.


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