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Donkey carts

Cross thoughts: Christian ideas seen in Sudanese every day life.

How many of these donkey carts do you see on the streets in Sudan? They appear to carry just about anything, from steel rods, to furniture, and even take people as passengers in some of the more remote places.

Imagine you were that donkey. All day, every day, pulling heavy loads here and there. The heat from the sun sapping your energy. The traffic noise and fumes badly affecting your hearing and your breathing. The potholes and road debris are regular traps to avoid. You do your master’s bidding. You go where he takes you. You move whatever he wants you to move. In return, he looks after your basic needs for food, water, shade and rest.

Sometimes life can be a burden, even for Christian people. We try to obey God as sincerely as we can. We put all our energy into his work. We seek to live a holy life, avoiding the traps of Satan, our enemy, who wants to make us fall down.

Peter wrote to men and women who were helping to lead Christian groups going through persecution and other sufferings. He urged them to take regular time to look away from this world with all its troubles.

To think deeply about Jesus and his eternal rewards, helps keep this daily life in true perspective.

“Cast all your anxiety on Jesus Christ because he cares for you”, 1 Peter 5:7.

September 2007.


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