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Acknowledgements and Contents

Christian Theology in a Sudanese Context.

A primer in Christian Theology:

with examples throughout drawn from

Sudanese life and culture.

Copy deposited with British Library

978 0 9559549 0 0

published by:

Weefour Publications

4 Adelaide Road, Redruth, Cornwall, TR15 2HQ


printed in England and Sudan

copyright Colin Salter 2004.

(this 3rd edition – July 2009)

also available in Arabic.


My family, special friends and colleagues, have all helped in

producing this book. Without their specific contributions it would be a much weaker work. I say a sincere ‘thankyou’ for their perspectives, expertise, and their encouragement.

Of course, the final responsibility for the views presented here is

mine, and not theirs. Their graciousness is a lesson to me.

In Sudan:

• Dick Brogden – lecturer at Sudan Theological College

• Gerald Donker – lecturer at Nile Theological College

• Mufid Farid – principal of Faith Theological School

• Peter Ford – lecturer at Mekane Yesus Theological Seminary,


• Nagi Konagi – SPEC pastor at large, who introduced me to

Sudan in 1979

• Khartoum International Church members and friends

1999 - 2003

• Madut Tong Ngor – lecturer at Gereif Bible School

• Reinhold Straehler – lecturer at Gideon Theological School

• George Taban – former director of the Fellowship of Christian

University Students

In England:

• John Gillespie – pastor of Grace Community Church, Morval,


• Sharon Lindo – my daughter, who proofread and made

corrections on the computer

• Ray Main – retired elder of Blenheim Free Church, Maidenhead,


• Colin Richards – pastor of Scorrier Chapel, Cornwall

• Brenda Salter – my wife, who brought me through many times of


• John Salter – my son, who gave me my English dictionary!

“Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisors they succeed”.

(Proverbs 15:22).

© Colin Salter, Redruth, Cornwall, England. June 2004.


Section 1. Theology is to be considered and experienced

1. Introduction

2. Is the God of Islam the same as the God of Christianity?

3. Hungry to get to know God better

4. What comes into your mind when you think about God?

5. A helpful exercise

6. Why study theology?

Section 2. The essential nature and character of God

7. God perfectly exists in a different life form from us

8. God is One complete God

9. One God in three Persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit

10. God is apart from and above time

11. God is everywhere present at the same time

12. God is a living being Who can think, feel and decide

13. God is able to do anything His character allows Him to do

14. God knows everything

15. God is purely God

16. God’s heartfelt and active care for our well-being

17. God’s fair treatment of everyone while being true to His


18. God does not give us what we deserve

19. God can always be trusted

20. God always agrees with the mind of God

Section 3. God’s word written down and published

21. God’s purpose for the Bible

22. The truth of the Bible

23. God breathed the Bible

24. How our Bible is like it is

25. How the Bible came to Sudan

26. Translating the Bible

27. Interpreting and applying the Bible

Section 4. The beginning of the story of God and humankind

28. Starting where the Bible starts

29. God’s creation of man

30. Mankind’s sin against God

Section 5. God’s chosen Saviour – Jesus!

31. Jesus, the Man Who is God

32. Jesus, the God Who is man

33. Jesus, past, present and future

34. A ‘just peace’ with God

35. The unique Jesus

36. “Another One like Me”, Jesus said

Section 6. God the Holy Spirit and our Christian experience

37. A living Person: God the Holy Spirit

38. An Old Testament pattern of the Holy Spirit

39. A New Testament presence of the Holy Spirit

40. Recent controversies concerning the Holy Spirit

41. Testing and discerning for truth

42. Spiritual warfare

Section 7. How God saves His people from their sins

43. Explaining a mystery – how God saves His people from

their sins

44. Extracts from ‘Statements of belief’ from different churches

of Sudan

45. Definition of key ‘salvation’ words

46. Explaining how salvation is experienced

47. Taking care in our evangelism

Section 8. God lives in the church

48. The Old and New Testament church

49. Christian worship

50. Christian ministry

51. Church ordinances

52. Leadership and membership of the local church

Section 9. Conclusion: our need to put theology into practice

53. What God wants His people to be and to do

Section 10. Appendices

One-line Dictionary of English words and their usage for this book

Asking and Answering Questions – a suggested Catechism


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