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A new door?

Cross thoughts: Christian ideas seen in Sudanese every day life.

A new door – to where?

Doorways always lead to somewhere. It is best to know “where” before you enter!

In 2002 this friend was putting up a new screen door to help keep the mosquitoes out of our house in Khartoum Bahri.

How many doors will you enter through this week?

A door is usually a hinged or sliding panel used for closing the entrance to a house, a room or a cupboard. It is a means of access or of escape.

If you “show someone the door” you tell them to leave your home.

An “open door” may also mean “a good opportunity set before a person”.

Jesus spoke of closing the room’s door before praying, Matthew 6:6.

He also said about prayer, “knock and the door will be opened to you”, Matthew 7:7. He was not talking about the door to the room! His meaning is that prayer, in line with His will, does change things. Closed things can become opened. Barriers can be removed. When the person inside the room hears you knocking he or she will call out, “Come in”

(if you are welcome, that is).[1]

Jesus also spoke of himself being outside the doorway of a church. He was knocking on the door, Revelation 3:20. Jesus wanted to come into the hearts, minds and lives of all the people inside the church. Any one who heard His knock could open the door. Jesus would come in for sweet, deep fellowship.

Sadly, I have come to believe that too many Christians have “shown Jesus the doorway” in their lives (see the meaning above). He is told to leave because the demands of radical, obedient Christian discipleship are too costly and personally inconvenient. Instead of being Lord, Jesus is shown the door.

After a while living their own way, such Christians may hear once more the gentle tapping of their consciences. Are you one such person? You know your life is not right – but you’re going to carry on living the wrong way anyhow!

It is Jesus, by the Holy Spirit, who is seeking to interrupt your wayward and wasted life. He knocks because He wants to invite you back to Himself. He is offering you another “doorway of opportunity” in your life, (see above).

It is your choice which doorway you enter. But I can tell you, of all the doors you pass through this week, this one Jesus offers you is by far the most important.

[1] See Matthew 24:33 and 25:10-11 for other uses of “the door” by Jesus in Matthew’s gospel.

March 2010.


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