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8. Change is Here to Stay

Christian thoughts from everyday life in and around the three cities.


Winter seems to have finally arrived. This week, on my early morning walks across the Nile, I have seen bridge guards wrapped in blankets against the brisk wind, soldiers sitting around their charcoal fires, and I've even been stopped by a friendly man with a gun who asked me (unsuccessfully) for a cigarette to warm his hands!

What a change from summer, when folk were complaining it was too hot to sleep! This week the minimum temperature recorded on my hoash was 21 centigrade, that's six or seven degrees below the average for previous months.

Seasonal change is all part of God's plan for his world. After the flood, God promised Noah, "There will always be cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night. As long as the world

exists, there will be a time for planting and a time for harvest". It helps me respond correctly when I know that all changes in my life are brought about by the guidance of my Father God. He is always reliable. He is never wrong. My God is always the same. He

can never change for the better because he is already perfect. And since he is awesome in his own self-sufficient holiness, he will never deteriorate.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. All the time, he is never more than man and never less than Almighty God. With God the Son as our ever-present friend, and with God the Spirit as our always able Counsellor, and with God our Sovereign Father in complete control of all things, we Christians have no need to be afraid of any change whatever.

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