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6. Luke continues the true story

Leader's page and Student's page best viewed left/right side together

Lesson 6 Leader’s notes: Luke 6:1–19:27

Ask the ladies not to open their notes or books.

You will need paper and pencils, or a chalk board as in the previous two Lessons.

In twos, or small groups get the ladies to work through Luke 6:1 – 19:27

deciding which columns to put the various events into –

1. story and teaching

2. healing miracles

3. nature miracles

As you do this you may find things you think are especially important, or which summarise, or which add to the whole situation in the story - list them by references under

4. ‘special findings’.

Events may be put into more than one column.

Patiently help each group to handle and search their own Bibles.

Do it for yourself beforehand so you have answers to the ladies’ questions!

Encourage the ladies your way into what you think is best for them.

It should take about half of the lesson time to do.

1. story and teaching 2. healing miracles 3. nature miracles 4. special findings

Look at my suggested answers, and complete the lesson page.

Note: There are two other miracles recorded by Luke before 6:1.

See 4:38-39 (healing miracle), and 5:4-11 (nature miracle).

Student's page:

Lesson 6 Luke continues the true story 6:1-19:27

Scan the 14 chapters above. Choose suitable categories to put them into below.

My findings are below, but please do your own first. It helps us in thinking by this kind of doing.

1. story and teaching 2. healing miracles 3. nature miracles 4. special findings

6:1-5, 12-15 6:6-10 6:11

6:12-49 7:1-10, 11-17

7:18-35, 36-50 7:50

8:1-18, 19-21 8:26-39, 40-56 8:22-25 8:1-3

9:1-9 9:10-17 9:18-20

9:18-20, 21-27 9:21-27

9:28-36, 43-50 9:37-43 9:43

9:51-56, 57-62 9:43-50, 9:51

10:1-24 10:18

10:25-37, 38-42 10:41-42

11:1-13 11:28

11:14-28, 29-54 11:14 11:53-54

12:1-59 12:1

13:1-9, 18-35 13:10-17 13:17

14:1-34 14:1-4



17:1-10 17:11-19


18:1-34 18:35-43 18:31-34

19:1-10, 11-27

Luke, the educated Greek doctor, records healing miracles as you would expect, plus the feeding of the 5000 and the calming of the storm. Luke shares more of Jesus’ parables than Matthew or Mark. Several of the parables that Luke records involve outcasts of society – look up 10:33, 15:11-24, 19:2. Luke was especially interested in Jesus’ reaction to women and children – have a look at 7:45-47, 8:3, 8:41-42, 8:43-48, 9:38, 10;38-42, 11:27-28.

Now to look at the ‘special findings’.

6:11 the fury of the Pharisees and teachers of the Law and their planning what to do about Jesus.

7:50 Christian salvation comes only by faith in our Lord Jesus and what He has done.

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Leader's page:

Work through the ‘special findings’ together.

Remember to check any other references the ladies have picked, as well as mine.

This is important.

Involve the ladies – what do you think about that?

- how easy is that?

- does that encourage you?

Student's page:

The ‘special findings’ (continued from page 16)

8:1-3 Jesus + the Twelve + Mary, who had been cured by Jesus, the wife of the chief of Herod’s household, Susanna and others – using their own financial means and contacts to provide for food, accommodation and whatever else was needed for the travelling group. The ladies were not necessarily with the team all the time, but made provision for Jesus and his followers. A valuable ministry! Lydia at Philippi was another lady with this ministry. Acts 16:14-15, 40.

9:18-20 a quiet moment with no crowd around – Peter’s confession of faith.

9:21-27 Jesus talks about His coming death, and says that His followers were to take up their crosses daily. That’s us! Verse 27 means some of the people listening would see the arrival of the kingdom of God with the death and resurrection of Jesus. Judas Iscariot did not.

9:43 are you amazed at the greatness of God like these people were? Why?

9:43-50 Jesus talks a second time about His death and resurrection, but the disciples are more interested in who would be the greatest among themselves.

9:51 as the God appointed time approached Jesus went resolutely He set His face - towards God’s holy city for the sacrifice that He was about to make, ready to pay the price.

10:18 compare with Job 1:6-7, Jude verse 6, 2 Peter 2:4. Satan (and company) have been cast out but are still, at the moment, able to roam the earth, under God’s constraints.

10:41-42 we need to be learning more about Jesus and spending time with Him and we need to be following hard after God in our everyday living.

11:28 obedience to God is always the key to a blessed life.

11:53-54 the opposition was watching to catch Jesus out using His own words.

12:1 many thousands! A countless number.

13:17 the people were delighted, opponents humiliated. Both could be dangerous.

18:31-34 Three times Jesus has told them this information – just as Matthew and Mark record. His death and resurrection was all planned in God’s timing, not an accident of history.

Luke has presented Jesus as the Son of Man – reaching for God men and women of all backgrounds.

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