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5. A Sign of Things to Come?

Christian thoughts from everyday life in and around the three cities.


When did you last see a crowd of people sitting outside a family home in the shelter of a temporary racooba? Perhaps it was a wedding, an engagement, or a death in the family.

My neighbour recently celebrated his younger brother's marriage. For several days a sense of expectancy built up. The family had made plans. The racooba was delivered on a truck and erected by men from the hire company. A guard or two slept in it overnight. Early next morning plastic chairs were delivered. Crates of drinks and pots of food came a little later. For those of us watching, all these things were a sign that something was going to happen.

Our Lord Jesus Christ told Christians to watch for the signs of his returning to this world. The nearer it came, the more we would hear of civil and international war, natural disasters such as famine and earthquake, the persecution and execution of Christians, betrayal and deception in religions, and large numbers of Christians growing careless in their love for God. Can you see any of these around you today? These signs point out that Jesus is coming back soon.

The setting up of a racooba along your street could mean happiness or it could mean sorrow. For some Jesus' return will be a family celebration of life, acceptance by God and joy. But for others his return will be a family funeral of death, weeping and total hopelessness. Their wrong choices in this life will be reflected in their eternal destiny in the next.

The fact Jesus will return is absolutely certain. The date is unknown. The challenge for us all is to be ready to meet him when he does.


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