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45. The man Jesus Christ

Mark's life and ministry of Jesus Christ. (Mark 4:35-41; 6:45-52; 9:2-13)

How would you get to know new people if they moved in next door to you? I imagine you may introduce yourself, exchange names, and over the next few weeks you would learn about each other by talking, sharing and

listening. You’d probably notice their lifestyle, attitudes and actions, and you may even meet some of their friends or relatives.

Jesus’ disciples had a wonderful opportunity to learn about Jesus in a similar way. We do not know much about the physical appearance of Jesus Christ, but there are five things from these verses about which we

are absolutely sure.

A man of His word

Jesus’ intention was to cross the lake and He invited the disciples to go

with Him. On the way they encountered a sudden storm that made the

disciples fear for their lives. However, the squall did not affect Jesus’

word. The disciples had their minds taken up with the present storm

rather than the promise in Jesus’ original invitation. We are often like

them in our lives. Though they were exposed to the elements, let down by

their own skill and seamanship, it is important to notice that they were

only nearly swamped! The stillness proved Jesus’ words to be true. The

stunned breathing of the disciples was the loudest sound when all else

became calm. They were safe because of Jesus’ word.

A man of faith

The question Jesus asked His disciples reveals the marked difference

between Him and them at this point. Mark 4:40 says: ‘Why are you so

afraid? Do you still have no faith?’

The confident have calm in the midst of any storm. Although His physical

body was being tossed around, Jesus’ heart was secure in God’s will. The

faithless have fear in the midst of a storm. The disciples could not drown

and go over to the other side, yet Jesus had said they were going to

cross over. Do you have faith to believe God can save you from any storm

until His will for you is complete?

A man of prayer (Mark 6:45-52)

In the middle of His busy life, Jesus made the time to pray (Mark 6:46).

Remember there is always time to do all that God wants you to do. It is

His will that you pray. If you want to pray you will work at your prayer

life. Any Christian who does not pray is dying, even while he thinks he


A man who cares for His disciples

Mark 6:48 shows us that Jesus had the disciples in His eye even when

they were at a distance from Him. The eyes of the Lord are always on

those who fear Him. Jesus knew the right time to come to their aid. He

did not go immediately they were in trouble. He waited until the time was

right. When He arrived to help them He corrected their wrong thoughts

(vv.49-50). The disciples had to reject their first impressions and

respond in faith to what Jesus told them. He made their journey easier.

Jesus Christ – the Son of God (Mark 9:2-13)

In Mark 9, God Himself bears testimony to Who Jesus is. It is the real

Jesus that Peter, James and John see here. God reveals Him to those He

chooses. The resurrection was still in the future at this time, but Paul

later wrote that Jesus was ‘declared with power to be the Son of God by

His resurrection from the dead’ (Romans 1:4).

In a wonderful way Jesus was, and is, like us but not like us. Christians

today are like Him but not like Him. A Christian is a man or woman with this

Christ in his life. How well do you know Him right now?

Discussion guide for ‘the man Jesus Christ’

Bible reading Mark 4:35-41; 6:45-52; 9:2-13

1. Why do you think the disciples “were terrified” at Jesus and what

He did, Mark 4:41?

2. What should have kept them calm in the storm, even though some

of them were experienced fishermen?

3. Why is it important to notice that the busy Jesus still made time

to pray, Mark 6:46?

4. Why were the disciples “completely amazed”, verse 51, as Jesus

joined them in their boat and the sea calmed?

5. What did God reveal about Jesus in Mark 9:2-13? List as many

things as you can – and at least six!

6. What does this teaching mean to you, in your own life, today?

7. Do you have any questions to pray about and perhaps seek Christian

advice over?


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