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43. The miracles of Jesus Christ

Mark's life and ministry of Jesus Christ. (Mark 2:1-12)

You do not have to read far in Mark’s ‘life of Jesus’ to come across a miracle. His compassion for people led Him into contact with them and resulted in many cures. We have already seen examples of this (1:40-45). The leper made the ministry of Jesus more difficult by getting so excited about the miracle that he forgot Jesus’ message. Many people today do the same thing.

Miracles are basically two things. Firstly they are supernatural happenings, clearly designated by the Greek word usually translated ‘miracle’. Secondly they are signs, from a different word often translated ‘miraculous signs’ in most modern Bibles. Remember that both are significant. Have you ever seen a young child given a super new toy only to put it to one side and play with the box that it came in? Many

Christians fall into that trap over God’s gracious miraculous signs.

The attraction of Jesus Christ

Those who had heard Jesus and seen what He was doing were so stirred

up that they went and told many others. In this way many, many people

heard about Jesus. This always happened (2:1-2, 13; 3:7-8, 20). The

people came to where Jesus was. Some came to criticise. Some came to

catch Him out. Some came to cry out for mercy. In every case, it was

Jesus they came to. Then they listened to Him. Jesus took every

opportunity to ‘preach the word’ to people. His teaching, the crowds who

gave testimony, and the tremendous miracles, served to draw crowds

around Jesus. Is there a lesson for us here?

The attitude of men

There were three groups around Jesus in Capernaum and the same three

groups are around today. Four men had faith for a needy friend. Verses

3-5 record how they brought him to Jesus, believing He could help him.

With their bare hands they tore at the roof. Their faith was shown by

their actions. Jesus saw it and responded with a miracle.

The teachers criticised Jesus. Verses 6-7 reveal the ‘tut-tut’ brigade!

They were close to Jesus, but they were very critical and when they

should have been helping, they were hindering. They tried to find fault

rather than faith. Be careful you do not join their ranks today.

The watchers wondered, worshipped and wanted Jesus to do something

for them. If you compare verses 2 and 12 you will discover that the

crowd at large witnessed these events and worshipped God for His

workings. I am sure that within the crowd people were saying, ‘I wish

Jesus would help me.’ The miracle Jesus performed demonstrated that

He has ‘authority on earth to forgive sins’ (v.10). This is what the sign

points to.

Do not limit God. He still works miracles today. To some He gives a

miracle of healing for His own praise; to others He gives a measure of

help; to others He gives the privilege of suffering with His own promise of

sufficient grace.

Make sure your life attracts people to Jesus Christ and make sure that

your attitude to miracles sees the supernatural signs that God is showing.

Discussion guide for ‘the miracles of Jesus Christ’

Bible reading Mark 2:1-12

1. When the leper forgot Jesus’ message in the wonder of his own

miracle, what happened to Jesus’ ministry, Mark 1:40-45?

2. Jesus undoubtedly worked many miracles. These helped to draw

crowds of people to come, watch and listen to Him – see Mark 2:1-2;

2:13; 3:7-8; 3:20. Usually, what did Jesus do when a crowd

gathered? Why did He do this? (Consider 1:15).

3. Do you think people were attracted to Jesus because of His

miracles, His message or His true manliness? Why?

4. What can you learn about the dual purpose of some miracles, from

Mark 2:5 and verse 8-11?

5. What does this mean for you in your own life?

6. Do you have questions to pray about or to seek Christian advice


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