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41. The purpose of Jesus Christ

Mark's Life and Ministry of Jesus Christ. (Mark 1:14-34).

In this scripture the goals that Jesus Christ set for Himself, here on earth, can be clearly seen. He made certain that His whole life worked towards these achievements.

He purposed that people be converted

In the New Testament the ‘good news’ is frequently linked with salvation, sharing God’s promise, peace, truth, hope and immortality. Jesus Christ offers these things to people amid whatever circumstances they find themselves.

All people must repent before their lives can be changed. Many a man is genuinely sorry because of the mess sin has made of his life. He is sorry for the consequences of sin, but given the opportunity to do the same thing again without suffering the after-effects, he may well be tempted to do so. Such a man is not truly repentant. Real repentance involves a man so hating sin that the desire to sin begins to die within him. This is

the cutting heart-surgery that really changes lives.

‘Believe’ simply means to take Jesus at His word. He loves us enough to

die for us. He loves us enough to draw us to Himself. He loves us enough

to deliver us from our own evil-doing. The good news is that you can get

to heaven without riches, without fame, without education, without

reputation, but you will not get to heaven without repentance and faith.

He purposed that people be commissioned

Mark cites many examples of folk Jesus called and commissioned. There

were the fishing brothers (1:16-20); there was Levi the taxman (2:14);

there were those designated by Him to be apostles (3:13-19). In Mark

6:7-13 Jesus had a particular task for particular people to do. If you

think about this, you will see that Jesus was reproducing His own life and

ministry in those He called and commissioned.

We are warned that not everyone who was called actually followed

(10:17-22). Jesus never painted over the demands of discipleship. He said that

commitment was costly. If you and I are willing to give everything to God

there will be great gain from Him.

Mark 1:17 tells me it is my responsibility to follow Jesus and then His

responsibility to fashion me as He wants. Make sure you are following

Christ now. Do not fight against His will.

Jesus purposed that people be in conflict

Verses 21-28 show three characteristics of Jesus’ ministry. There was

confrontation between Him and the powers of darkness. There was

consternation in the Enemy’s ranks because they knew Who they were up

against! There was also command. Jesus was neither fearful nor

frivolous in the presence of evil spirits. He had authority and He used it.

The devil may be a potent force, but God is omnipotent. Mark 6:7 tells us

that this authority has been passed on to us. The evil spirit complied

with Jesus’ command.

Jesus purposed that people be compassionate

He saw people as people, not merely souls to be won. Verses 29-34 reveal

Him hearing of a need, helping to meet it Himself, and being wholehearted

in His giving of Himself to those who came to Him. Compassion marked

Jesus’ life (1:41; 6:34; 8:2)

Discussion guide for ‘the purpose of Jesus Christ’

Bible reading Mark 1:14-34

1. What does the phrase “the time has come”, verse 15, teach you

about the life and ministry of Jesus?

2. What is the difference between false repentance and genuine


3. Explain the promise Jesus made to those who would follow Him.

What does it mean to be made “fishers of men”, verse 17?

4. Describe how the “authority” of Mark 6:7 is seen in the account of

Mark 1:21-28.

5. What is the difference between seeing people “as souls to be won”

and seeing people as whole people? How did Jesus exemplify the

latter view?

6. What does this mean to you in your life?

7. Do you have any questions to pray about and seek help on?


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