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2. It's only bread

Christian thoughts from daily life in and around the three cities.


Sud. Pds. 1,000 will buy you some bread. Everyone knows that. You can choose from various types. There are long, thin breads sold from the back of a Toyota box. There are large round breads sold from roadside wooden tables in plastic bags. Different shops offer more variety, some even sliced loaves for Brits like me to feel more at home!

God made us to eat bread. Daily bread is something Jesus taught us to ask for in prayer. Twice he miraculously shared the little bread he had with thousands of people - at no cost to them! Some began following him, expecting to be fed like that everyday.

Even today I suspect some folk attend gatherings as much for 'the free lunch' as to give condolences at a funeral, or congratulations at a wedding, or even to learn from a specialist conference or class.

But those people heard Jesus say: "There is more to life than bread". Bread will feed your body, while only the words of God will feed your spirit. People are not fully alive if they eat physical bread only. Those who live as Christians think about God's word, the Bible, in their everyday lives. As they chew it over in their minds it releases spiritual vitamins as evidenced by their healthy Christian choices.

When you next see a chap on his bicycle, with a five feet wide tray laden with bread, wobbling his way to the sales pitch, remember: people are designed by their Creator, to live on daily bread PLUS. This 'plus' is the much longer lasting and significant 'every word of God’.

Not everybody I see gives evidence of doing it. What about you?


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