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19. Keeping the Devil Away!

Christian thoughts from everyday life in and around the three cities.


Along many of our main roads, groups of men sweeping the dust can be regularly seen. In Bahri recently they seem to have been issued with smart, blue uniforms. Their supply of brooms as well as their buckets on wheels are interesting to look at. One can notice, by looking carefully, how much work has actually been done with each broom. The dirtiest uniforms and the most well-worn brushes are usually in the hands of the man who is working the hardest.

The aim of these men and their sweeping programme is to keep our roads clear of dust and sand, and therefore make travelling safer - enabling traffic to stop in an emergency, rather than slip and slide into an accident. It surely is a never ending task. Perhaps, like me, you have noticed neat piles of dust by the kerbside awaiting collection. But often they are blown away by the wind, or scattered by passing cars, even kicked by mischievous boys! Dust left alone does not stay put! I have also seen workmen emptying their buckets over the side of Kober bridge and into the Blue Nile! No wonder the water is brown not blue!

The lesson from life for me is simple. Sin is like the dust. Give it half a chance and it will get in to your life everywhere. Living in a sinful world as we all do, makes it tough to keep spiritually clean. Tough, yes. Impossible, no!

God tells Christians not to give the Devil a foothold in their lives. If he is given an inch he will seize a mile. Tolerated a little bit, he uses that 'little' like the thin end of a wedge to gain more and more.

Christians who do not keep up their hard work against sin and Satan will soon have lives as poor as Khartoum's uncleared streets.

Jesus is our Saviour. He saves us from sin and Satan. Why do so many Christians play dangerously with things Jesus clearly warned us about? It breaks the greatest commandment if we love something else more than we love and honour our Saviour.

Have a good week. But don't give the devil a chance to spoil your walk with God.

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