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13. Choose the Right Bus!

Christian thoughts from everyday life in and around the three cities.


You can travel by bus almost anywhere in our three cities and their surrounding urban sprawl. At major road junctions, buses disgorge their passengers who wish to get off, while the drivers assistants' repeatedly shout the names of the places their buses are headed towards. Where you end up will be decided by which bus you climb on to.

At the start of another year, this is an important thought on a wider scene. There are many directions a person can take in life. Choices we make now will determine our future situation.

My wife and I recently entertained a family for tea. Over Irish cheese, English pickle and crackers, followed by a New Zealand-made Christmas cake, we learned that our 18 year old neighbour wanted to become a medical doctor. Her goal governed her present

choices for study at university. Her qualifications and specialities as a future doctor are being determined by choices she is making now. This is also true in the realm of religion . 'Where you end up will be decided by which you are on'.

A lot of people in the post-Christian west reckon that all religions are the same and ultimately people who follow them will all end up together. This is definitely not true.

Even a basic comparison between an Islamic view and a Christian view of Jesus shows big differences. One takes Jesus to be a prophet, who taught many good things, but who did not die on a cross, and whose teaching has been later superseded. Christian views of Jesus as "the Son from God, the Saviour of all who believe, God's complete revelation of himself", are fundamentally different. A person's eternal destiny depends on which route they chose to take.

There are many improved bus shelters being erected on our city streets. The best of them offer sign boards stating where the buses that pass will take you, as well as giving shelter from the sun for everyone waiting. It's up to the passenger, to decide which bus he or she will take.

The rest of your journey through life begins now. Choose the only Saviour God has provided who will take you to heaven.


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