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11. The Streetlight, the Star and the Saviour

Christian thoughts from everyday life in and around the three cities.


The immense miracle of Christmas can be discovered from looking at the streetlights and stars, as well as the angel's message to Joseph in Matthew 1:20,21.


The baby about to be born to Mary was her first. He was a real boy, a fully human being, an absolute miracle-birth without human father.

The name 'Jesus' was popular. It means: 'God saves'. Mary's son would be exactly as the angel had told her.

Son of God

This baby was conceived from God the Holy Spirit. The created human embryo enclosed the previously existing God the Son. Like any baby, Jesus would resemble his Father. He would exactly represent God to people. He would help them understand by faith. In Jesus God had taken human form. A Christmas miracle!


As both fully human and fully divine, this unique Jesus would be the Saviour humankind needed. He was God bringing us back to a right relationship with himself. Jesus' life of sinless perfection showed God's holiness. His death was unnecessary, as only sinners have to die. Yet at every communion service Christians remember the fact Jesus did die. He lived as God's representative and died as man's substitute. He died to save his people from their sins, just like the angel said he would. He made the miracle of personal salvation possible.

Streetlights and stars.

When you're walking along a city street at night you may be able to see electric streetlights on poles about five metres above your head.

Behind those lights are smaller looking stars, twinkling away in the dark sky. The stars are thousands of miles distant, not just a few metres. This makes them appear to be smaller and less bright than streetlights. But reality is not what it appears! Each star is far bigger than our own sun and many times more powerful than any streetlight! Yet from our usual perspective, it doesn't look that way.

Some people have a wrong view of who this Christmas Jesus really is. He actually is 'Jesus, Son of God, and Saviour', to all who believe.


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