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1. The Heart of the Matter

Christian thoughts from everyday life in and around the three cities


I couldn't believe what I saw recently: a donkey cart filling up it's big oil drum with petrol at my local petrol station! I had to look twice because I didn't believe it first time. I know that donkey carts don't use petrol. They use 'donkey power' which comes from the food the animal eats, not any fuel in the tank!

Looking at the reality behind the appearance, I soon discovered the donkey, driver and cart were simply going to deliver the drum of fuel to someone else. It wasn't what I had first thought it to be.

God doesn't get deceived by outward appearances. The Bible says that God looks on the heart of a person, their real inner-self. He sees us all and understands what we are really like. The most amazing thing is that although God sees us as we really are, he still loves us. His love provided his son Jesus, who died and lives to help us become more and more the kind of people God himself wants us to be.

Don't be taken in by your own outward show. God isn't. Take a second look at him, and take a long look at yourself. The starting point for change is arriving at the truth, not trying to hide it

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