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1. The Bible's Big Story

25 lesson plans for children, young people and their teachers.

Lesson 1 God Is. (Six facts about our great Creator God).

Bible reference – Genesis 1:1-26

God has always lived. God never began and He will never end. God is much, much greater than any human person.

Stop and discuss (1) Write a list of all the words describing a person as he or she grows from their birth until their death. We all begin life as babies.We grow into children who learn many things. As strong women and men we work hard. Then, after many years, we slow down. Our eyes may not see well. Our hair may become grey. One day we will die. God does not change at all. God will always be the same as He is. God will never die. The Bible tells us the beginning of everything, but not the beginning of God. Read verse 1. Before any other person was alive, God lived on His own. There was nothing except God anywhere. God Himself was all that He needed to be.

Stop and discuss (2) Who is the oldest person you know?

What is the oldest thing you have ever seen? Listen to Psalm 90:2 and repeat one or two words that tell us something about the age of God. Starting with nothing at all, God made everything that there is. God’s words created. On day 1 God made Day and Night. On day 4 He put the sun, moon and stars into them. On day 2 God made the sky above all of the waters. On day 5 He put birds and fish into them. On day 3 God made the Earth, the land appearing from the sea. On day 6 He put animals and humans on to the land. God gave the plants, the fish, the birds and the animals ways to reproduce themselves. God even made water purify itself by passing through the earth. God is the great Creator. His words of command made everything to be. God makes all of nature that we see and enjoy today.

Stop and discuss (3) We are learning how great God is.

Divide the class into groups of 3 or 4 people. What facts about God Himself have we seen from these Bible verses today?

Which group can remember the most facts about God? God wants to show Himself to us. God wants us to know Him. He is great, but He is not unknown.


The Bible word ‘Genesis’ means “origin” or “beginning”. God started our world just as He wanted it to be. He had a plan for it all. We will see that plan as we go through this course. God was pleased with His work. What does it say in verses 10, 12, 18, 21, and 25?

God was happy. God’s creation was all good. In every way it was what God wanted it to be. On day six God said to Himself, “Now we will make human beings”, verse 26. This was His plan. God had made all that men and women need to live on, so everything was ready for the creation of human life.

Stop and discuss (4) Most things that people make have a purpose or a plan for their use. What is the purpose of these five things? 1. a house 2. a T-shirt 3. a trap 4. a well 5. fire What was God the Creator’s plan in making our world?

Read Psalm 19:1-14, OT page 569, to find out God’s plan. Answers to ‘Stop and Discuss’ 1. Words describing the growth stages of human beings: A baby, a child, a boy or a girl, a teenager, a young person, a youth, an adult, a man

or a woman, an old person, a senior, an elder 2. Psalm 90:2 tells about God’s age:

“eternally God’ “God for ever” 3. Facts we have seen about God from today’s Bible verses: 1. God has always lived 2. God does not change 3. God lived alone before everything else 4. God did not need anything else 5. God spoke powerful words 6. God is the great Creator 4. 1. a house is to live in 2. a T-shirt is to wear 3. a trap is to catch an animal, a bird or even a person 4. a well is for water keeps us warm, is for cooking, and may keep us safe

God’s plan for the world is to give humans a place to live in and rule over. This will show us His greatness and tell us that God is there. God’s words can be trusted, Psalm 19: 7.


God’s laws are right, verse 8.

We should “reverence” (meaning ‘think well of’) God, verse 9.

God is more important than anyone or anything else. We show this as we praise Him and thank Him.

We must always speak and think about God in a good way, verse 14.


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