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Waiting for someone?

Cross thoughts: Christian ideas seen in Sudanese every day life.

Across Sudan people have been moving. In just about every village and town families wait to be


Our Lord Jesus Christ told his followers they would “fast” during the time he was taken away from them, Luke 5:35. To “fast” means “ a voluntary abstinence, usually but not exclusively from food”.

Jesus gave a new spiritual truth to fasting. Like new wine goes into new wineskins, new fasting was not so much a going without, but a seeking of new deeper experiences with God, Luke 5:36-39.

At present, Jesus is in heaven, waiting a return to this world when his Father God Almighty says, "Go now". Christians take Communion bread and wine remembering his one sacrifice on the cross, while also looking forward to Christ’s return with all judgement and justice, Acts 1:1-11.

Sudanese people know what it is to move and to wait for family members to catch up in the new settlement. It is hard to leave familiar places behind and it may be difficult to settle into a new area. You may have to wait a very long time! BUT, knowing Jesus helps a person enormously.

You can never go anywhere that Jesus is not. He is with you always, everywhere. Set aside a time and a place to seek Jesus and you will find him. Tune your heart to him.

It is not how long you fast, nor that other people see you are fasting.

God who rewards you, sees you secretly.

He is waiting for you to meet him today – Ramadan or not!

August 2011.


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