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Issues Facing Christians in Sudan and South Sudan Today

Contents (chapters by Colin Salter unless stated)


  1. The people of the cross


2. Christian advice to a young Sudanese and to his or her family

3. Seven responsibilities of a Christian husband and father


4. Christian justice by Thomas Tut Puot

5. Facing past hurts Christianly in the present day by Ed Walker

6. Forgiveness as taught by Sudanese in a city of North Africa by Tamba David

7. Forgiveness and the wounds of conflict


8. Becoming people of Integrity by Madut Tong Ngor

9. Becoming a man or woman of integrity

10. Honouring God and the Government


11. Biblical leadership in this generation and the next by James Dema

12. Biblical leadership transition in the Sudanese/South Sudanese cultural context by James Dema

13. Let's have only God-approved workers in our churches

14. Jesus Christ - the Master Servant


15. Facing evil spirits by Manase Woja Alfred

16. Five main questions Muslims ask Christians by Dick Brogden

17. Mission work in the Sudan must be supported and carried out by the Sudanese by Moses Angupale

18. Mobilising for mission by Reinhold Straehler

19. The disunity of Sudanese churches and its adverse affect on Evangelism by

Matta Mubarak

20. The importance of oral strategies to reach people in Southern Sudan by MK

21. Loving God by reaching our neighbours


22. Dealing with bribery and corruption by Elisama Daniel

23. Paying for help, when it is wrong to do so - a Christian view of bribery

24. Right ways and wrong ways of using money


25. Peace and the wholeness of life by Isaiah Dau

26. The role of the church in peace building by Musa Elgadi Kuku

Real Christianity

27. Justification by faith by Mufid Farid

28. Working to build our part of the country: Southern Sudan by Anthony Poggo

29. Discerning true and false Christianity


30. Responding to Islamization, marginalisation, victimisation and intimidation by John

A. Kongi

31. The Christian reaction to persecution

32. What does the book of Job teach us about suffering?

33. When prayers seem unanswered and God's promises untrue

Tribalism, ethnicity and culture

34. African cancers: ethnicity, race, culture and their socio-political effects by George Taban Tawad

35. Nepotism and tribalism by Thomas Maluit Hoth

36. Promote family and friends, or the right person for this role? by Elisama Daniel

37. Tribalism, ethnicity and nepotism in Sudan by Israel Yohanna


38. Keeping your focus on God by Arrie Preller


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