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Leadership, Integrity and Nation-building

1. Introduction - Elisama Wani Daniel

2. When Citizen’s Groan - Alex Bolek Abuk

3. Leadership and Nation-building as portrayed in the book of Judges -

Caesar Drasi Bua

4. Integrity in Secular Leadership and in Christian Leadership -

David Fugoyo-Baime

5. Integrity and Nation-building - Madut Tong Ngor

6. Keeping Christian Testimony while in Secular Roles - James Dema Marchello

7. Biblical and Practical Integrity in National and local Church Leadership:            Jesus’ style of Leadership - David Mamush Jangjuol

8. Sheep and their Shepherds - Amoko Fodomula Laku

9. Biblical Leadership in Nation-building - Kur Deng Anguie Kur

10. Seven Qualities of God-Chosen Leaders - Alek Bolek Abuk

11. Dare to be Like Daniel! - Joseph Noel Sati

12. Are You the One we are Expecting? - Amoko Fodomula Laku

13. Integrity - Mama Brenda Salter

14. Christian Leaders and their Role in Wider Society - David Mamush Jangjuol

15. Thoughts on Independence - Colin Salter

16. Suggestions for Helping Good Leaders to Lead Better - Amoko Fodomula Laku

17. Preparing the Church in our Country For our Country - Kot Bol Kot

18. Political Characters in the Sight of Our Lord - Colin Salter

19. Are “All Authorities … Established by God”? - Colin Salter

20. Who Really Rules the Nations? - David Mamush Jangjuol

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